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When you discover the natural beauty of the Ozarks and one of America’s top rated small towns, you’ll see why Eureka Springs is considered “The Wedding Capital of the South.” It’s easy and affordable to get married in Eureka Springs.

Selecting The Optimal Event Site

Step 1: Determine how many guests will attend the reception. Keep in mind the number may be different from the number attending the wedding. Slightly overestimate to allow for additional guests.

Step 2: Search for venues that can handle minimum number of guests. Each venue will list the number of guests it can host, usually right on its website.

Step 3: Keep track of what each venue offers in terms of service and add-on charges. Create a spreadsheet with each venue’s name and location; in adjacent fields, list all services you require. (bar service, catering, total event space, parking, etc.). Call venue for the date you want. If it’s not available, don’t delete all the information; just mark it “unavailable” on the spreadsheet. If plans change (or if there’s been a cancellation), you’ll have the information handy.

Step 4: Visit venues you’re considering and evaluate their space. The venue needs to have room for your guests, tables, band or DJ, a dance floor and decorations. Ask about noise regulations if you hire a live band.
Ask venue how much space tables will take up & figure out how much is left over. Determine space your band/DJ requires. Work this amount into your total available space.

Step 5: Review equipment available per venue. Do they provide tables, chairs, bar and decorations? Determine electric connections for DJ or band and what type of sound system is available. Many venues offer all of these services, but charge a fee. Record all fees for balanced evaluation between sites.

Step 6: Evaluate parking & valet service based on attendees needs. Arrange for extra parking or shuttles if venue parking is insufficient for all guests.

Step 7: After selecting the right venue, book as soon as possible in advance.

  • Be prepared to pay a deposit to secure your date, usually 50% in advance.